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Valerian and Laureline is a French series of science fiction comic book albums. They were written by Pierre Christin, drawn by Jean-Claude Mézières, and colored by Evelyn Tran-Lé. Early stories were serialized in Pilote magazine, and later collected into albums.


Valerian is a spatiotemporal agent who travels the Universe through space and time with his colleague Laureline to protect the planets of the Terran Empire against temporal paradoxes.


0. Bad Dreams
1. The City of Shifting Waters
2. The Empire of a Thousand Planets
3. World Without Stars
4. Welcome to Alflolol
5. Birds of the Master
6. Ambassador of the Shadows
7. On the False Earths
8. Heroes of the Equinox
9. Châtelet Station Destination Cassiopeia
10. Brooklyn Line Terminus Cosmos
11. The Ghosts of Inverloch
12. The Wrath of Hypsis
13. On the Frontiers
14. The Living Weapons
15. The Circles of Power
16. Hostages of Ultralum
17. Orphan of the Stars
18. In Uncertain Times
19. At the Edge of the Great Void
20. The Order of the Stones
21. The Time Opener
22. Memories from the Futures